In today's corporate world accountants need to acquire skills beyond the basics of recording transactions and completing audits. Forensic accounting is a field that can provide you with the skills needed to detect, deter and prevent fraud in organizations. Joseph Petrucelli, an adjunct professor at the College of Staten Island and the City University of New York (CUNY), is developing cutting edge, graduate level courses that follow the principles laid out in his new textbook, Detecting Fraud in Organizations: Techniques,
Tools, and Resources
, published by Wiley. Professor Petrucelli hopes that universities across the U.S. will soon be following his curriculum and using his book as a guideline to provide graduate level accounting professionals educational tools that will help them to improve their forensic accounting skills and prevent fraud in Corporate America.

csi_cuny_orange_cube_logo_rgbAs an adjunct professor at the College of Staten Island and the City University of New York (CUNY), Joe Petrucelli has demonstrated his teaching skills by teaching traditional accounting coursework. He has taught Introduction to Accounting 1 & 2, Intermediate Accounting 1 & 2, Cost Accounting, and Federal Income Tax Accounting. These courses have provided the foundation for his Forensic Accounting 700 level coursework. Professor Petrucelli's advanced, cutting edge accounting textbook, Detecting Fraud in Organizations: Techniques, Tools, and Resources, published by Wiley, applies and develops accounting concepts to combat fraud. It moves beyond the basic accounting skills of recording transactions, and discuss the use of forensic accounting to detect, deter and prevent fraud. The College of Staten Island and the City University of New York (CUNY) is on the cutting edge of the forensic accoutning field and will offer forensic accounting courses that follow the principles laid out in Professor Petrucelli's new textbook.

Does your university or college offer graduate level forensic accounting courses aimed at detecting, deterring and preventing fraud?

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Inspired by his years of experience as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), where he has investigated corporate fraud and served as an expert witness, Professor Petrucelli wants to approach forensic accounting proactively. He has often pondered about recent corporate scandals and how they could have prevented. He believes it is important to think about why accountants and auditors do not always detect fraud. What if accountants could go beyond the basics of recording transactions and auditing them to meet accounting guidelines? Could business owners and CEOs use accounting principles and forensic accounting skills to develop strategies to detect, deter and prevent fraud? It is a fact that reactive accounting practices and systems encourage the proper recording of monetary transactions. However, this has not stopped fraudsters from manipulating such systems; something which has taken down some of the largest corporations around the world. Can accounting be proactive, and used as an instrumental tool to prevent fraud in Corporate America? Professor Petrucelli believes it can.

Universities, Colleges and Professors interested in providing and developing these applied accounting courses, based on Professor Petrucelli's book Detecting Fraud in Organizations: Techniques, Tools, and Resources, please contact Professor Petrucelli.

ffslideshow-academicProfessor Petrucelli develops accounting courses that are interactive and interesting. Courses that get students involved, and motivate them to become true fraud fighters. His courses emphasize how important it is for organizations to develop their own unique fraud fighting strategies.

One of Professor Petrucelli's favorite fraud fighting tools is his 800 Pound Friendly Gorilla. The 800 Pound Friendly Gorilla emphasizes the importance of cooperation and oversight within an organization. The 800 Pound Friendly Gorilla is a fun and creative character that helps create the foundation for the concepts described in Professor Petrucelli's new book. To learn more about the 800 Pound Friendly Gorilla be sure to read Detecting Fraud in Organizations: Techniques, Tools, and Resources, published by Wiley.

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