Joe’s Team

Joey Petrucelli

Code Name: Shakespeare

Joey Petrucelli, code name Shakespeare, was an instrumental part of the writing of the book. As part of the team he will assist in uncovering fraud by analyzing data. He specializes in writing and the analysis of writing. He will use these skills to help create write-ups and case scenarios. He edits much of the content we produce in order to help us stay organized and focused. The successful fraudster stays organized and keeps a strong paper trail. Shakespeare will make sure that you are grammatically correct and that the proper ethical tone is maintained.

Nino Cimino

Code Name: Nephew

Cimino Productions founder Nino Cimino was born in the Chicago area to Italian immigrants (his mother from Rome, his father from Sicily) Nino Cimino grew up working at his parent's family pizzeria. In July of 2001, at the age of 21, Nino moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. He studied intensely for two years both acting and filmmaking at the Piero Dusa Acting Conservatory in Santa Monica, CA, (now known as The Promenade Playhouse).

Nino has teamed up with Joe in their latest production, American Mobster: The Series. Watch the teaser trailer demo: American Mobster

James Lee (Artist)

Code Name: Japoteurs

James Lee's code name is Japoteurs which is the tenth of seventeen animated short films based on the DC Comics character Superman.  In this episode Japanese spies hijack a new super-bomber like the ants hijacking the picnic basket in the book. James' ability to take Joe's ideas and express them as cartoons gives the team a different way of expressing their ideas. James gives meaning to the concept of painting the picture.

Tim Piotrowski

Code Name: Mr. Positive

Tim Piotrowski, code name Mr. Positive, has over 30 years of accounting, tax and financial experience. Tim offers an outstanding mentoring opportunity for future generations of accountants as well as existing forensic professionals. Tim suffers from PMA-Positive Mental Attitude. No matter what the task or how overwhelming the situation he sees the positive and maintains a "can do" attitude. This enables him to rally the team and work with others in a calm, rationale way. Just like the 800 lb. Friendly Gorilla, Tim realizes that positive people in trusted positions are the true value of an organization. Tim is the true definition of a Win-Win situation.

Nicole DiGeso

Code Name: Squid

Nicole DiGeso, code name Squid, has multiple tentacles when it comes to fraud. Squid comes to us from Monmouth County. Being multi-faceted, and having a determination that is second to none, Nicole is a fine example of a person who embodies the common qualities that exist within team 800 lb. Friendly Gorilla. These qualities are loyalty, integrity and commitment. Make no mistake, Squid is not slimy unless she's uncovering fraud or restoring ethics.

Michael J. Brown (ADP)

Code Name: Emmett

Michael J. Brown chose the code name Emmett after the famous Dr. Emmett Brown in Back to the Future. Mike is  the go-to guy when getting 800 lb. Friendly Gorilla oversight in the payroll process. Mike helps his clients put in controls and systems to help detect, deter and prevent fraud and helps to keep them in the 21st century within the ever-changing payroll environment. The more diversified the team the more divergent thinking that can be achieved. Team 800 lb. Friendly Gorilla can brainstorm with the best of them, especially with additions like Emmett and the wealth of hands on experience he brings to the team.

Faisal Sharif

Code Name: Clouseau

Faisal Sharif, code name Clouseau, was born in Pakistan and immigrated to the United State in 2003. Faisal was given the code name Clouseau after the bumbling and incompetent police inspector Clouseau of the French Surety from the famous Pink Panther movies. Clouseau will dazzle you with his determination, effort, and unbelievable sense of humor. However, he will also wear you down until he finds a solution. Clouseau, you can rest assured, will out smart even the cleverest fraudster.

Michael Allamby

Code Name: Gecko

Mike Allamby, code name Gecko, is a native New Yorker, born in Brooklyn, and currently resides in Staten Island. Mike has flare, but, in addition to that, he has an uncanny ability to bring people together. His love for Wall Street and investing makes him a great addition to the 800 lb. Friendly Gorilla team. Gecko has all the flashy moves of Gordon Gecko except with integrity and ethics.

Latiece Munnerlyn

Code Name: Mosquito

Latiece Munnerlyn, code name Mosquito, was born and raised in Staten Island, NY. Initially Mosquito went to college to become an architect and ended up getting an accounting degree. This shows how important it is to explore all options and expand your skills. Like a mosquito bite, Latiece is persistent and focused, and if at first she does not succeed, she will try and try again. Remember that a mosquito bite seems harmless but moquitos cause more deaths worldwide than any other creature. Rest assured that if Mosquito bites, the fraud will be exposed.

Walt Pavlo

Code Name: Moth

Walt Pavlo's code name, Moth, comes from the old southern term associated with neighbors gathering on the porch in the evening to listen to stories. Pavlo is the co-author of the book Stolen Without A Gun, which he co-authored with Neil Weinberg (Editor-in-Chief at American Banker). The book and Pavlo's lectures are based on his real life account of his own white collar crime while he worked at telecom giant MCI Telecommunications. His lectures have been used for training at the FBI Academy, Big Four CPA firms, Fortune 500 companies, professional societies and top ranked MBA schools. Pavlo brings true stories of white-collar crime and its consequences as a contributor to and as a guest on business television networks including CNBC and Fox Business. I look forward to the Moth helping the team mentor professionals in avoiding making bad decisions.

Daniel O'Shaughnessy

Code Name: C.O.S.O

Daniel, code name C.O.S.O, Can Only See Opportunities.  C.O.S.O has many angles so do not take it at face value. Instead, face the facts that C.O.S.O has a variety of twists and turns within the organizational process. Dan has the ability to detect such creative deviations away from accounting standards having written an Honor's thesis on the C.O.S.O framework. Dan knows where to position himself to monitor these needed twists and turns a fraudster must maintain to remain undetected. Reasonable doubt is his standard and he will always represent it.

Joseph Zapotoka

Code Name: Thinker

Joe, code name Thinker, is the team thinker. With creative ability, that he has gained as a videographer and photographer, he brings a picture perfect perspective to the team. His work ethic is second to none and Team 800 lb. Friendly Gorilla is excited to welcome him aboard. Fraudsters watch out he has an eye for the unexpected and knows how to capture the moment.

College of Staten Island Consultants:


Professor Mary Recor

College of Staten Island


Professor Patricia Galletta

College of Staten Island


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Lynn Dandola

Code Name: Mother Hen

Lynn Dandola, code name Mother Hen, is the backbone of the entire operation. She makes things run smoothly and ensures that everyone is on task. She is the person to come to when there is a problem. Lynn is someone you can trust and she will always show genuine concern and compassion for anyone who requests her assistance.

Matt Petrucelli

Code Name: Drama

Matt Petrucelli code name Drama will assist in the developing of plots and schemes to paint the picture of what fraud looks like.  Drama can bring both comedic and tragic perspectives to the ever present fraud forces. The hope is to develop fraud awareness through the use of  theater, by creating reenactments. Matt, like Joey, has learned forensic accounting, whether he wanted to or not, as the result of being my son. The funny thing is, they teach me as much as I teach them about being your own person and following your dreams. Drama is team thespian and will help paint the picture so people make the right ethical choices and avoid the consequences of fraud (greed).