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Follow the Money -

We are pleased to present our new spreadsheet. The spreadsheet was designed by Joe Petrucelli and team member Yingyang (Lok Yung) of Team 800 Lb. Friendly Gorilla. It is interactive and allows you to enter information about a person of interest and see if, potentially, there is unreported income or any lifestyle changes.

While the spreadsheet can give you useful information that you can use in your investigation, remember that an increase in net worth does not necessarily indicate that someone has committed fraud. The spreadsheet is designed to identify facts, but even with these facts further examination will still be required. It is important to understand that only a judge and jury can determine if a fraud has taken place. A fraud investigator is merely a fact finder that assists a judge and jury in making a decision.

We think you will find our spreadsheet to be a useful tool. Click on the attached link for an explanation of the input fields.


Downloadable Source Documents:

  1. Follow the Money - Spreadsheet Instructions
  2. Follow the Money - Excel Spreadsheet



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